The view

Last Friday, we went on a weekend long road trip to Karlobag, a coastal town at the foot of mount Velebit. But, to get there, we had to jump over the Velebit, first. The last stop we did, prior to our arrival, was the famous Kubus. It’s a stone monument in honor of one of the historic trade routes over the mountain, made under the Habsburg rule. Of course, we have new, modern roads now. Well, see for yourself, the view was breathtaking as we were 927 meters above the sea surface. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life, God is good.

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Praying for your future spouse

I’ve been meaning to write on the subject for so long. I kinda have this urge to, when it comes to blogging about faith, write on the matter of singlehood and waiting for the one. Also, I am one of those people who always google for such topics and I know how happy I feel when I bump into one and, in most cases, as if God speaks to me. So, I am gonna write one. For those who seek and maybe, God willing, the post will get to them.

On the 22nd of June I turned 30. That horrid age when the world starts with the you’re gonna be an old maid agenda. It’s rough. As the time passes, the exact thoughts are my constant companions. For example, I would catch myself thinking I won’t have 3+ kids because I’m getting too old. Then, I remind myself, with God, all things are possible. And that is where the faith kicks in. The struggle is real but our God has the final word in everything and, because He said so, it will turn out for the best.


Now, back to the title. Up until 4 years ago I never really thought of praying for my future spouse. I mean, yes, I would say God, please let me be married but, I have never really and truthfully prayed for the guy. Like, now, he is somewhere out there. He is a living human being, just as I am. It is the same as if you pray for someone you know, like a realitve or a friend. Your future spouse is a breathing human! What makes your future spouse so diferent from your real life friend? Just because you still haven’t met? Makes no sense. Now that we have cleared that out of the way, I want to address two things; how and what do I pray for him?

Praying for my future husband is such a special prayer in my life, like no other. Mostly, it is not out of a prayer book. Even though, I sometimes do that and would totally recommend. But, for some reason, when I pray, it is more as if I talk to Jesus about him. Not just to Jesus, Mary too. Sometimes to saints. Hehe, us Catholics have an army up there. Anyway, I would pray that he is safe, makes the right, Godly, choices and of course, that Jesus brings him to me sooner. Sooner the better, God. Sooner the better! I don’t just talk to God, I also write to Him. I have this notebook in which I write my prayers, like a journal since not all the sentences are straight on petitions, more of my thoughts I have for God. Also, I would pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, for the guy. How often do I pray for him? Not every day. I think the first step is to realize your spouse is out there. I may not be straight on praying for him everyday but, he comes to my mind daily and I would consecrate him to God, with just one thought. Some days, I would write multiple pages.

Also, I’ve heard you have to be specific in your prayers (~ Blessed Mother Theresa). That is why I have this list of all the things I want in a guy. Now, I didn’t go down the I hope he has a Ferrari route. No. It’s a list of personality virtues and life choices simmilar to mine. For example, I pray that he is prolife or doesn’t look at porn which are important issues for me or, on the other hand, I pray he has a passionate hobby, etc. Things I admire the most in another person. It is a pretty big list. Well, with God all things are possible and He wouldn’t put desires in my heart and then not to fulfill them. You might say I have high standards. You bet I have. Settling for less than your heart really wants is a good way to mess up your life. Now, do I expect him to be perfect? No! For neither am I. But, wanting good foundations to begin with is the key, for me. Also, to get such a person, you have to be that person. You have to be all those things on your list. Because, your future spouse is not a robot rather a person, deserving the exact same things you want in them. I really believe my future spouse is just what I want (and in flesh and blood). God doesn’t want to bring you someone who is nearly there or as good as. No, He wants you happy thus He will bring the perfect one for you. If you let Him. God forbbid I ever stop praying for my future husband. I am already so attached to him that I just can’t imagine failing him.

Days of singlehood aren’t always full of rainbows and happiness. Like I said, age of 30 didn’t struck me that hard but it didn’t help either. Living the way I live, meaning not hooking up and actually honoring my body for the sake of my future husband, isn’t a walk in the park. Oh, and the Devil will provide plently opportunities for you to fail and, in the end, settle for less. I pray to God to save me from such scenarios. And, He really does. I also pray for my future husband to act as an honorable man if such moments happened meaning honoring his body for the sake of me.

Boys and girls, we are in this together. We need each other to succeed because, we are so different and unique in what we have to offer to the world. Most importantly, to each other, man to his wife (and vice versa). God bless.

Battles for Sisak A.D. 1593.

Every year, in my town, a medieval festival is held. More than 400 years ago, there wasn’t a major European town that hadn’t heard of Sisak, because of the famous 1593. battle against the Ottomans. Actually, the date was 22nd of June. (Yep, my birthday!) Now, the fame level of my town is quite the opposite but, nevertheless, we still honor the battle with such festivals that take us back in time. The event is held at/beside the Old Fortress, the symbol of the 1593. battle. You can witness the re-creation of the battle, medieval tents (which are ever so cool), stroll around the fortress, etc. Beside that, we went on a free boat tour, cruising up and down the river Kupa. Bellow, you can see a glimpse of this huge miniaturist model of the battle, inside the fortress.


When we got there, we stumbled upon the presentation on the medieval (and latter) weaponry and the art of fencing. It really was cool, especially when the photo bellow happened. As you can see, medieval tents were everywhere, providing a pretty awesome vibe. Being a history buff myself, I was in history heaven.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-weapon-presentation ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2-tents-people ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-battle-fortress-tentines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-battle-fortress-military-campines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2-tents

The re-creation of the battle was the main event. We didn’t see the entire battle through but, the part we did see, was nevertheless amazing. The stunts on the left were the Ottomans and on the right, a christian army. Of course, the real battle 4 centuries ago was the real deal and nearly 10 000 people died.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-5ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-4 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-3 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2

And, the last but not the least, a couple of photos from the river Kupa tour. You can see the Old Bridge and the last photo is of an already mentioned fortress where the whole today’s event took place. Hope you enjoyed it. God bless.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-old-bridge ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-cruise ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-cruise-fortress-stari-grad

Into the wild

… and much more. Now, I can certainly say my Sundays are made for travel. I got back to Korablja Tišinić and toured the Banija region. Two different Sundays. The first one was all about my cousin Sara who had her sacrament of Conformation which was, after the church, celebrated in Taborište. Actually, I was her Confirmation godmother. So happy! Anywho, there, I just had to track every deer possible and take a shot of it. As you can see. Also, I have the privilege to shoot with a Nikkor 85mm 1.8 lens which has Igor borrowed me. Behold the moments.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-doe ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-doe-herd-forest ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-deer-bambi-closeup ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-doe-herd-forest-black-and-white ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-doei-closeup ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-pony-foal-cute-croatia-nature-animalines-perkovic-a-simple-forest-green-nature-croatia-trees-shade-2 ines-perkovic-a-simple-forest-green-nature-croatia-trees-shade-meadow-2 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-chicken-rooster- ines-perkovic-a-simple-forest-green-nature-croatia-trees-shade ines-perkovic-portrait-girl-chairoplane-swing-ride-4- ines-perkovic-portrait-girl ines-perkovic-portrait-girl-chairoplane-swing-ride-2- ines-perkovic-portrait-girl-chairoplane-swing-ride-

Then, the next Sunday, we did a small road trip throughout Banija. It’s one of Croatia’s region. There, we climbed the highest peak and really enjoyed the scenery. You could see everything, the valley in which Sisak lays and beyond. To tell you the truth, it reminds me of the Shire, from Tolkien’s books; hills and streams going up and down. Once again, I was a tourist in my own backyard. It took us 5 hours for less than 70km. That is how off road we were. Loved it. God bless.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-croatia-red-bricks-banija-hils-shire-middle-earth ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-croatia-red-bricks-banija-hils-shire-middle-earth-hobbiton- ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-croatia-red-bricks-banija-house-nature-old

Motovun & Rovinj

Yesterday, I went on my first, all day, school trip with the 8th graders. We went to Istria, to visit towns Motovun and Rovinj. Now, my main job was looking after the pupils but, because they are good kids, I did manage to take a photo or two, for myself. The only downside of the whole trip was the rain, following us from the very start. But, we did survive and kinda got accustomed to, as the time passed by.


We visited both the coast and inland. Rovinj is a coastal town I had never been to and yesterday was the first time going there. I knew it was beautiful but, you really have to visit, to fully understand why. The whole town has that Venetian historic vibe even though it is a Croatian city. The old, historic part of the town is build upon a peninsula and the buildings literally rise from the water. I really enjoyed this cute, narrow, cobbled streets with little alley ways crossing path every few meters. Every mediterranean town has them. And, yes, I had to find a red bike to completely loose my mind and shoot from every angle. Rovinj was the second (and last) town we visited and the rain had somewhat stopped.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia-street-cobbled-shop-red-bike-3 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia-street-cobbled-shop-red-bike-2 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia-windows-house ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia-windows-house-2 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-rovinj-croatia-seagull-fly-2

Now, I have been to medieval Motovun once already, in 2012. The first time I wasn’t really impressed by it. Mainly because I didn’t have enough time to roam around. This time, it was windy and rainy. But, I got to experience Motovun like never before, under different weather conditions. I must say, even though it was really challenging, I enjoyed the rainy clouds and shooting the landscape from that high up. Motovun is set on a 277 meter high hill. Maybe, next time, I got to experience every weather change there as I plan to stay for a few days. And, again, I didn’t have to opportunity to shoot the town from a distance. God bless.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-motovun-cobbled-street ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-motovun-church-tower-clock ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-motovun-house-tourist-street ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills-roof-church ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-motovun-house-street ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-motovun-house-tourist-street-stone ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills-roof-village-town ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills-roof-2ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills-roof ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-hills-green ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog-1 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-istra-istria-landscape-rain-clouds-fog