No photos, just words

I am not starting this blog with So,… because that is how I always, for some reason, start my blog posts.You might say I’m on a roll tonight. If I had to point out things that describe me, one of it would be – impatience! I started this blog today and already want to have hundreds of post so far. I don’t finish things that I’m not fully satisfied with. That’s why I had so many blogs in the past. *stopped writing to get a coffee at 10PM but ended up in living room watching First Daughter* Yeah, I don’t think I’ll write this everyday but I will probably put up a post tomorrow just because it is still weekend and I have time. You know I what like? The feeling when you post a blog. As if you shared your piece of wisdom with the world. NOT that this is a wisdom, at all.
Good night world, God bless.