Just a quick post from the college library

It is one of those days when you just want to be home instead of pointlessly sitting in the college library waiting for the next class (that is like, in 3 hours). You should see what it looks like when you spot a free computer in the library – predator watching its pray, waiting for the perfect chance. The survival of the fittest. ‘Cause, if you’re not focused enough, someone WILL catch it before you. Neverending fun. Wild kingdom par excellence this is, I dare to say, hehe. And the best part of it is that only 10% of the computers are being used for educational purposes such as writing papers or essays, I think. Writing a blog post is educational, right? Right. Oh, this post is such a randomness.
Just like every Long Tuesday, the weather is horrible; cold-ish wind and rain friendly clouds. The sky looks a bit stormy, to be more exact. And I hope it won’t be raining at the evening, when I’m going home. I hate caring the umbrellas. Wearing hoodies when it rains = ♥.What am I gonna do till 5PM? I guess I don’t have enough social networking profiles to check while feeling bored. And the library blocked our access to Facebook. Smart call. I think. Ooh, the sky is clearing up and the sun is trying to shine trough, at least the part of the sky I’m seeing right now.
The thing is, If I finish this blog post now I won’t have anything to do until my next class. As a matter of fact, have you seen our library? It is kinda cool. Click.
Yeah, trying to figure out what else to write about. There will be no photos included in today’s post. Unless I decide to post 365 reject but hardly likely since I have only one photo taken before leaving the house earlier today.
In the morning I tweeted about bringing my camera with me and as I write this I was supposed to be in the botanical garden, taking photos (of my shoes and completing the daily task of the 365 project, hehe). But, when it came to the moment of actually putting the camera in the bag, I just felt like I didn’t want to bring it. Lazy crazy. I am a poor excuse for a photographer. That might be the reason for starting the 365, again. I can’t seem to find inspiration in anything, these days. I feel like I talk about the same stuff over and over everytime I mention photography. How unmotivated I am. And if anyone ever decides to analyze this blog post, he will most definitely come to a conclusion that nothing important was said. Pure boredom wrapped up in words.
But somehow, I still don’t want to finish it. I hardly ever write long blog posts. The thing is, I don’t know whether my life is interesting enough to be shared in more details. Do you wanna know stuff? I mean, I would write about things in life but don’t know who would willingly like to read it. I still have to start looking at blogging as a thing of my own, where I write stuff whether someone likes it or not. Or maybe, indirectly, I’m afraid of showing how uneventful my life actually is. I should stop now, right? Yes.


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    May 18, 2011

    i really enjoyed this post, because i can relate a lot! Well, i wish to relate more. I just left university, although i still live (and work) in a student town and loads of my friends are doing masters or phd. i long to go back to uni and lecture! i love having a little peek into someone kinda like me’s life. thank you for that.

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    Ines Perkovic

    May 19, 2011

    You are welcome. Even though this was written during the agony of Long Tuesday. It is the neverending day at college. Haha.