2 days until Prague

Feels like it was yesterday that we came up with the idea of going to Prague. Now that I know I’m going – I don’t feel like it. That is always with me. When it comes to the point I have to go somewhere, the laziness begins. But, the moment I get on the bus, with my friends – all the not wanting to go will just disappear. I hope. And I hope the weather will serve us good. Of course, I’ll be bringing my camera with me. 6 days in Prague must result with at least 5 decent photos. Yeah, so much of my confidence. Right now, I just wanna go there, buy stuff at MAC store and come home. See how much of a simple person I am? Well, I’ll just enjoy my Friday, tomorrow. But, I refuse to pack my things for the trip until Saturday afternoon. I’m leaving Saturday evening. So, yeah …


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    May 19, 2011

    I’m sure Prague will be wonderful!
    And I love the photo on this post.