Yes I went to Berlin but look what I got!

You all know my sad story of not having a MAC store here where I live. So, I take every opportunity when abroad to search for their store. This was basically my only purchase of almost any kind, while I was in Berlin. I have bought some other things such as post cards and a hat. Anywho, I couldn’t find their store, there was only a MAC counter inside of a mall so they didn’t have full collections or eyeshadow refills which I wanted nor did they have the Copper Sparkle pigment I craved for. But, I have always wanted their Mineralize Skin Finish or MSF to keep it short in Gold Deposit and let me tell you, it is amazing, pigmented as crazy and the finish is to die for. When it comes to paint pots they have always been something I wanted, too. So, I got Rubenesque that can be used as an eyeshadow itself or as a good base for similar eyeshadow tones. Can’t wait to really really try them out more detailed. Berlin post(s) very soon!


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    November 29, 2011

    Really pretty. New make-up makes me happy :)