The Sun always sets on a different West

It is not the same sun setting West in late autumn/winter as it is during the summer. That is totally super great fine by me since I love the days when the Sun sets directly down the street. But my favorite setting days are the ones when it sets behind the mountains in the distance. That days are now! Oh and today’s sunset was amazing. The colors were just outstanding. The only thing that I hate are this darn electric wires that destroy the view and I am not always in the mood for cloning tool. So, this was taken today, from my window. Sooc. You see now how frustrated am I by this wires. They are not even artsy.
I’ve been on two job interviews in the past week and it was all about leave a number and we’ll call you. I thought this was just a movie line. Haha. I mean, it is not like I was applying for the super fancy job, all I want is a student job (while I still have me rights) that will fill in the spots of free time when not working on my thesis which I still haven’t started working on. [insert oops]
It is 3AM. I’m going to sleep so, as Derek Trotter would say, Bonjour!