Makeup Moment: Natura

By no means do I consider myself that good in applying makeup or anything. Doing this just for the sake of fun and actually just wanting to do it. If someone out there finds it helpful in any way, then it is already a bonus. I have always been into makeup and until this day my favorite part of going out at night is the process of getting my face ready. Haha.
For the last 2-3 years I have been inspired by various makeup gurus on You Tube such as Misschievous, Kandee Johnson, Pixiwoo girls, etc. And, some of them I like just for their personality. But the girls I mentioned are really magicians with anything makeup, from daily looks to more complex and artistic kinds.
Anyways, I hope to film an actual tutorial video someday in the future, you know – for fun, and see where is going to take me, if anywhere at all.
I sport this look a lot when going to classes. It is a natural daily looking…well, look. Hehe. Let me tell you, this whole photo makeup thing is exhausting! No wonder people make videos. Taking photos and then adjusting the sizes, diptych work is just too much. And, I repeat, this is something I really wanted to make, I don’t think I’m super good at it. Just fun, remember? Okay! I’ll come up with something more dramatic, next time. Kisses ♥
 before (note that I haven’t slept last night) and after
 foundation (this is not a full coverage foundation) and concealer
 then setting in with a loose powder and a bit of bronzer
 first, I primed my eyes using Art Deco eyeshadow base and then I applied a cream shadow all over the lid
I used two eyeshadows for this look, one shimmery and one matte for the crease
on top of the cream shadow I applied shimmery champagne eyeshadow all over the lid,
almost up to the brow
 then I blended the shimmery eyeshadow (they are much easier to blend than the matte shadows)
 I applied the darker matte purple/brown shadow in the crease (since I have kind of a deep set eyes that are kind of hooded, I like to create a fake crease by applying the darker shade slightly above the natural hollows of my eyes)
 again, lots of blending
and then you should end up with something like this, the left eye is still not blended
 take your favorite gel liner, this is my ghetto eyeliner brush, it is just an artistic brush, I bended the top part
 then, I draw a line as close to the lashes I could get, didn’t do a cat eye, when it comes to the inner 1/3 of the lid I didn’t apply the liner there
 then I applied a color skin matte eyeshadow and highlighted the brow bone area
 on the lower eyelid, I applied a tinny bit of that matte eyeshadow and blended it using my finger
to brighten up the eyes a bit, I used a white khole liner and applied in the inner corners and on the lower water line. After that I put a white shimmery eyeshadow over the white liner in the inner corners
 then I took my favorite mascara, curled the lashes and applied two coats of it, slightly trying to extend the outer lashes to follow the line of the gel liner
 for the skin finish, I applied a bit of this gold shimmery bronzer, didn’t use any blush
 for the lips, I used a pretty coral lipstick which I blended with my fingers
natural eye, voila!


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    December 12, 2011

    Odlično! Želim da me našminkaš jednom :D

  2. Reply

    Ines Perkovic

    December 12, 2011

    :))) Može!

  3. Reply


    December 13, 2011

    Great! I wish I was as good with eye-liners are you are!

  4. Reply

    Ines Perkovic

    December 14, 2011

    practice :D Even though I can make a big mess with it, still. hehe

  5. Reply


    December 14, 2011

    This is ridiculously close to my daily look as well! But my pale bum almost requires a little bit of blush. =P