Update on my eventful day

Nothing but the usual, my day today. Ok, maybe taking down the decorations from the Christmas tree can’t be classified as the usual-ness of everyday but still. I won’t lie, by time I woke up my mom already took down the decorations and then the two of us were cutting the branches and throwing the unhappy tree out of the window, from the first floor. That has been our tradition for years now, it is easier and the pine needles don’t get that much everywhere which would be the case if we we were using the same way the tree was taken in at Christmas Eve. So yeah, we are the crazy people throwing stuff out of the window. Hehe.
Beside that, nothing much today happened except the launch of our 7 on 7 photo project that you had the opportunity to read about it in the previous post of mine.Oh yeah, and good people at my network service provider helped me to boost up my connection since we had some speed and connecting issues. Then, I took some 365 photos and you can see that my cat really is my shadow.
Yesterday, the same as every other year, a priest came to our house to bless it. We have a very awesome parish priest that kinda wants to get to know people of his parish. He prayed for me and my college and life overall and you can see when he prays he does it from his heart and you can tell Holly Spirit working through him. Then, of course the subject of boyfriends/husbands came along and everyone found it very funny while I was red like that dot on the Japanese flag. He said I need to pray. I hope he will get to be the priest on my wedding ceremony. I don’t wanna talk about boys, just pray.


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    Anastasia Volkova

    January 7, 2012

    you’re my inspiration :)

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    January 8, 2012

    Your photo’s are so awesome, I really like them.

    Ellen (www.brunettish.blogspot.com)

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    January 9, 2012

    nije me dugo bilo na tvojem blogu, vidim da si bila aktivna i u spisateljskom smislu. sretno, čitam te! :)

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    January 9, 2012

    I hate that moment, when people ask me if I finally have a boyfriend. I’m always red, too. Just don’t like to say ‘no, not yet’. But who knows, as the priest said, we have to pray and wait for that one boy who will change our lifes for ever! :)

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    January 11, 2012

    Sounds really exciting having a real tree on your house to decorate!!! Even more exciting having to throw it out of the window LOOOL <33
    I got used to this question “do you have a boyfriend??” and to answer that I don’t :P
    At least it was a priest that asked you, cause he wants all the best for you… for me, some people already know that I dont have a boyfriend but keep asking me only to see my reaction and keeo saying “You must find one!! You’re getting older… bla bla blaaaa”… that’s not good.. ://
    I totally LOVE how your cat looks like smiling for the camera in the first photo!! So cute >.<

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    Ines Perkovic

    January 11, 2012

    @Anastasia – It is hard to believe since you are like, Top Gun of the photographers. Haha :))

    @Ellen – Thanks, Ellen :)

    @Isidora – Hehe, hvala. A, trudim se. Nekad baljezgam, al bitno da si ispunim dane!

    @Coccinella – Amen! :))

    @Andrea – My grandma said “Oh, I don’t know if I will live up to see THAT guy!” Haha! The right one will come, just have faith in God and He will bring it to you. We must not force it and be with everyone on the way, the ONE will find us maybe if it ends up we finding him! The puzzles will come together, somehow.