Me but not by me – around Berlin

Since I’ve already written about Berlin today I decided to post a few photos of me around the same city that were taken by my friends. But, of course, processed by me (the 4th one is SOOC). There aren’t many photos of me but, anyone reading this and being a photographer himself will agree that photographers (especially on trips) don’t have much self portraits or just portraits of themselves. Nevertheless, I think my friends did a very, very good job. Thank you, friends!
The first photo was taken inside of a Jewish The Shoa (Holocaust) memorial. The place is consisted of more than a thousand of stone blocks and the purpose of it is the gloomy atmosphere in which the person should experience confusion and the feeling of being lost. Now, we didn’t have that feeling (at least in my opinion) because the sun was shining so we pretty much knew where we were because, you know, follow the light. But, I think if it were a cloudy, rainy day the feeling of being lost would be literal. Now, the second photo was taken by the river Spree that flows through Berlin and in front of the DDR Museum which was the best museum ever. I recommend anyone visiting Berlin in the future to go to the DDR Museum. It is so interactive and fun! Literally. The third photo was taken (as you can see) along the remains of the Berlin Wall that can be seen over the entire area. This one was taken at the spot of Topography of Terror museum where Gestapo and SS headquarters used to be. Fourth image will always remind of the careless standing in line mixed with the emotions of anticipation to get into the Ferris Wheel at the Christmas Fair. The moment the wheel started to turn I realized I could be scared of heights. The next 10, 15 minutes (that seemed like hours) were the worst minutes and feelings I have encountered lately. I just wanted for the wheel to stop turning and for them to let me out. I couldn’t even enjoy the beautiful panorama view from up many meters of height. But look at me on the picture, so brave! Haha! Anyways, Christmas Market was A-mazing and definitely worth seeing. Oh, and here is the mug from the Christmas fair out of which I drank my hot chocolate. And that was taken by me. Hehe. Good night, beauties. 

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    January 17, 2012

    Haha! I know what you mean. Well, maybe I’m not a photographer yet, but I have the same problem. I’m the one who always takes photos of other people. During meetings with friends, parties, trips. And then when I watch those photos I realize, it’s hard to find a picture of me. My friend asked me to send him some pics after New Year’s Eve, so I did. He was like ‘ok, thanks, but where are your photos? You’re maybe on 2!’ :)

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      Ines Perkovic

      January 18, 2012

      Totally! Especially if all of your friends are not into photography or how to shoot with the SLR camera so I usually come out unfocused. But I love them cause they try <3

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      January 18, 2012

      They try and the effect is really good! You can tell them! :P

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    January 18, 2012

    Yesterday I was watching a documentary about Berlin and I thought “WOW!! This city is amazing!!!” and now I see this post with wonderful pictures!!! Maybe it’s a sign that I have to go to Berlin to find something.. or maybe someone ♥, who knows?? LOOL
    I love all of them, but my favourite is the second one!! The place and you look both so pretty!!! And I must say that I felt slightly smothered while reading about the Holocaust memorial :((
    Your friends made a really really great job!!! My friends always struggle with the focus (I use automatic single point focus) but when they succeed I feel like I’m the best teacher in the world LOOL

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    January 18, 2012

    I am the one who always take the pictures, and I end up with no pictures of me at the places I went =/… sometimes my boyfriend try to take a picture or two, but he is not really patient and doesn’t like photography much, such a shame =(
    I’ve always wanted to go to germany, just yesterday I was looking for some interesting photos of trips to the country, and here they are! Your friends take really nice pictures too, and I loved these colors.

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    January 19, 2012

    I love posts about trips (specially in Europe) and this one makes me want go to Berlin and other Europe cities asap! Really!
    I agree with you that photographers don’t have many selfs on trips buuuuut when my mom is with me I always have many photos *-* it’s a lucky because I love to have something to remind me that wasn’t e dream and i was really there! :P am i crazy?
    Your friends took many good photos of you :)
    Hey, after your words about writing in English I’ve decided to try and today I wrote my first post in English :)
    Thank you for your words!
    See you on next post or flickr or twitter :P

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    January 26, 2012

    I love Europe, and I love posts talking about this.
    I have the same problem, I always take pictures of other people. And when my mom try to take photos of me, it’s not like I really want.
    I’m brazilian and I’m in love with your blog!
    Sorry for my english, I’m learning… :)
    See you soon!