So cool – I have a guest on my blog! Welcome, awesome people who help other awesome people!

Guys, you have to put your dreams on a piece of paper. Or even this virtual paper we all call blogging. Not even just your dreams but the things that bug you or consume your mind. For example, ever since I’ve started writing about boys, I feel better when it comes to my wait for the right guy. I use this blog to express who I really am or who I really want to be. I write about God, about His eternal Love for me that I can’t really comprehend to the fullness. Worrying won’t get us anywhere.
No matter what I write about, I write to feel myself better. To find hope, to find purpose for every written blog post even if it’s banal such as nail-polish review. Hehe.
When life strikes hard, you have to stay positive. Those are the moments in which we should lean on Our Lord the most because He is there – to hug, to heal, to love. Like, He wants to give miracles to us. He wants to give us hope, something to pull through when the times get rough. It doesn’t always have to be something with the shabang. Sometimes, God’s little miracles are hidden in our family, that special friend, hobbies you like to do which include blogging! I remember starting one post with the almost utmost furry but as I really went through the concept of that blog post I changed my feelings so instead of just being hard on myself I wanted to give hope, for you..and for me.
So, what is my point? Actually, I wanted this blog post to be a guest post for one website that is all about healing of body and soul. Most importantly, healing of ones souls by encouraging blog posts written by various authors. A site by real people for real people. The site is called Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. And as you can tell, it is a site that offers info about the disease but most importantly, it offers some medicine for the soul – motivational posts full of encouragements that show us that even during the toughest time of our life, when the disease strikes WE MUST NOT EVER! loose our hope, esteem and faith. You know why I believe in God? I believe in God because He offers a shelter and gives strength to carry our crosses regardless of what they might be. Real heroes are those who can endure the toughest with the smile on their face. Real heroes are those who see the hope, who want to change something, who still see the purpose in life, they know they can change it. Those people know the worth of a smile given and the words of encouragements by saying You are beautiful! We must never loose spirits. I know this verse is not from the Bible but – It is not over until the fat lady sings! Yes, I’ve seen the Independence Day movie just far too many times. God bless, good people! Oh and thank you Melanie for the words of guidance!
Make lists and make them long! God reads and checks them! ;)


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    February 27, 2012

    Once again, I read your post and feel like it was writen specially for me. Well, my life is pretty hard now and things I never wanted takes place. But you’re right, the only thing I can do is to stay positive. I believe in God, but my faith is not as big as yours. But I have to tell you, when I read your blogs (saying your I mean your and other girls in the Internet) I feel much better. It’s so good to read that people are strong and they believe in something so much that it makes them happy. It makes me happy too. I have no idea how it works, but it inspires me. That’s why I love blogging. I can write about what I feel and it makes me feel better, but I can also read about the others, see that it is possible to enjoy the life even if it’s hard. Thanks for that, Ines.
    Take care girl!
    P.S. As for the list, I have a notebook where I write about all my dreams and things I wanna do before I die :)
    P.S. 2 What are you gonna do in Poland? :)

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      Ines Perkovic

      March 1, 2012


      Oh, girl. The more you wanna believe the more obstacles you get but the key is to never stop believing! Me too have issues with strong faith, little set backs but, like I’ve said, always get back on track. Just put your faith in God. He will respond when the time is right. :)

      Poland. It’s a trip organized by my Parish. I don’t know if I’m gonna have the money for the trip. But, if God wants me to go, I will find a way to go :))