A couple of this months favorites

Like I’ve already said – it’s the little things in life. I know true happiness doesn’t hide behind material things but a new nail polish or hair accessories is just something that makes every girls life a bit pinky. Regardless if you like pink or not. Hehe. Anyways, just though I’d share with you some stuff I’ve been loving recently.
Some of you may know that I was dying my hair ginger. Like, for a year or so. Naturally, non stop dye destroys and drains the life out of your beloved hair. I stopped dying it in August 2011 and decided I was gonna grow my natural hair. So, right now I’m sporting this non intentional ombre hair style. Half of it is the good, the best natural hair and the other half is dry and has some gray blonde green tint to it. I mean, I am not green green but the tones certainly lack in warmth. I don’t wanna cut it just yet. I think I’ll wait a year or so to chop off all the colored hair. Right now, I’ll keep this ombre something mop I have. Anyways, what is the point, Ines? Ok. I am one of those people who are easily drawn to pretty commercials. And seeing Cat Deeley’s light as air hair swoosh sold me this shampoo and a hair mask (Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light). I know commercials are far from true but I keep pushing it under the rug, the exact thought. But, my hair definitely is softer and lighter. I don’t know whether it’s the placebo effect or not but, I’d buy the shampoo again just for the fresh scent to it.
And, as well as most girls, I love nail polishes. Lately, I’ve been getting all the vibrant colors of nail polish so I kinda wanted one more nude and natural. Fell in love with this one. It’s by Catrice and the color is called Sing: Oh, ChampsÉlysées. I think the name is too cute. Catrice always gives clever names to their products. Sorry for my bad nail polish applying. I have small fingers and nails, like a child. So my nails are never super classy. But, I try.
Last week I got me this cool retro sun shades that I love to wear. And, I can wear them while I’m driving my car since they’re big and the clarity is almost perfect. These are the first shades that I immediately thought they totally fit my face. First time. If you knew me in real life, you would know I don’t wear sun glasses much often. Either I forgot to bring them or just don’t feel like it. But these one are #win. I got them in New Yorker and the brand is Amisu.
There, in New Yorker, I got this blue retro bandana I like to wear in my hair. Looks great with the glasses. I have a red one, too. But that one (I think) my dad found when he was diving a couple of summers ago. Maybe more. I love hair accessories and wear them a lot.
And now, the last but not the least – Chives. I think it’s super cute. The green and the violet. You know, ever since I got big on photography, I’ve been liking things that are photogenic, in a way. I think it happens to most photographers, don’t you think? Like, if I decide to buy some new flowers, I pick them with photography on my mind, how the photos gonna be like. Photography is a lifestyle.
It’s the end of a beautiful sunny Sunday. I spent it with my family, friends, cats and alone. Went to Holy Mass in the evening. Today I started another weight loss journey. I will try to almost completely cut out food that contains too much carbohydrates.  Another key thing is to be active which is yet another pair of shoes. And the hardest pair. I hope I succeed with a little bit of help from above. I really don’t wanna be skin and bones but healthy. God bless you, people. Muah!


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    Valery Goncharenko

    May 21, 2012

    your blog is an inspiration, photos are beautiful!

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    May 21, 2012

    I totally agree! These little things are so nice. Even if they don’t change our live too much, they just make us happier. It is said that money can’t give us a happiness, but shopping can. So can girly stuff, as well :) Anyways, I love this colour. I’ve been obsessed with nail polish lately, I have to buy more :)
    Have a nice day, Ines!

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    May 21, 2012

    I want those shades!