365 VOL. 1

Ok, you all know me and my everlasting struggle with keeping up with the 365 project. My last try was shooting self-portraits about 80 days in a row which is, to be honest, quite an achievement for me.The main reason I quit posting 365 photos to my Flickr stream was simple the dread of having all around quality photos which I often failed. Like I’ve already explained, this project would be easier for me If I started it a few years earlier when I could (in my personal opinion) get away with random shots with not so much of a creativity involved.
Now, my blog is my own personal sphere where I feel like uploading anything, from random to cool. And also, uploading a photo every day fired up the pressure even more. So, I decided to follow Sara‘s example and post photos every once in a while with the work of the previous days. In my case, this will occur every seven days. But, I suppose that could variate. And I feel less pressure already. Taking random everyday photos is just a thrill and fun for me. And, I actually feel optimistic and happy about it. Not so much worried about keeping a higher level of art with each and every self-portrait photo I take. By the way, I am not saying Sara’s 365 photos are random by any means, I’m just following her upload system. She is my inspiration, from her 365 work to everything else. Love her! Where will this take me, I don’t know. All I know I wanna finish this, properly. And happily. God bless!

Oh, my cheap shoes that I’ve already talked about but hey, they have flowers on them. My advice is to never wear them barefoot. Things will get steamy. No ventilation what-so-ever.
Ahm, Snickers bar. You know one of those moment when you have something you haven’t tasted in ages. They always stand at the cashier stand in stores and this one I just grabbed, no questions asked. Of course, I paid. Haha. Love the peanut and caramel but now I remember why I don’t really like such bars – too sugary for my taste.
This is Ines without makeup in almost midnight time of the day. I just know my 365 project won’t lack those Snap! Done! moments, for sure. I rarely take photos of not just-one-side-of-my-face. Yeah, I’ll try to embrace the asymmetry of my face. I’m stuck with it, anyway. And, thank God for it.  You know, we spend our life rejecting who we are and the way we look. But, when you start to except it, you kinda feel at peace.
Oh yeah, got my hair cut! Haven’t dyed my hair in more than a year and cut it since February. Until now. I want to grow long long natural hair. So, at the moment I’m sporting this unintentional ombre hairstyle until it grows out. Oh, and this is me with makeup and one side of my face again. Fail.
What this is I will never know. Basically playing with flash in my room. Representing my new hair cut, I guess. Haha.
Yep, fearlessly wearing the same clothing item two days in a row. Basically, I am not leaving the house very much lately so I just act like a house slug.
I am so in love with this ring. I have it in silvery color, too. If anyone wonders, I got it in H&M. So cute.


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    September 5, 2012

    Nice photos and new blog layout :)

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    Inna Makeenko

    September 6, 2012

    Hi Ines! It’s always interesting to see your photos! Especially for 365 days project! I was sad that you stopped your last 365 project and I wrote you about on flickr! and I’m soooo happy you do it again! I wish you good luck!!