365 VOL. 2

It is Tuesday, a day for my 365 batch of photos from the last seven days. I was thinking to upload this tomorrow instead because I am so tired that I’m almost taking a break after each sentence. But, the perfectionist in me isn’t allowing to upload them tomorrow. I don’t want to change the schedule and mess up my system the second week already.
 This photo is a proof that I will wear almost anything in my hair. The little red ribbon came from the gift wrap. Lately, I almost never wear my hair up. But, I guess I kinda went with it that day.
I have already blogged about my coffee afairs. So, this is me enjoing my sugarless cup of it while sporting a Flickr t-shirt Siebe sent me last year.
When I’m clueless of what to shoot that day, closing my eyes and smiling is always an option. Evidently, this time was no exception.
Almost ten years ago I was very big on guitar playing. I wish it stayed that way. Kinda feel bad for neglecting my guitar self practices. At one point, my guitar playing future looked promising. Now, unfortunately, it is just a prop for my photos. I really should pick it up more often from the corner of my room where it usually sits.
Sunset photos. I really got lucky with catching that super ray of light. I really should get a remote for my self-portraits. This whole self timer business is just so exhausting. Nevertheless, sunlight such as this is always nice to experience, with or without a camera.
A shaky, sloppy focused self portrait of mine made after I got home from my night out. Well, it wasn’t that big of a night out, just some drink with my friend. So, there.
Took this photo while on a photo walk with my friend Mirko who decided to visit me today by coming to Sisak, my home town. But, more photos from this day will arrive in some later post. Probably tomorrow. Now, I am really, really and really just ready to hit the sack. Good night and God bless!


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    September 12, 2012

    great photos! how do you take the photos yourself?