365 Vol. 3

I skipped two or three days and I am promise I won’t go hard on myself, again. Being a perfectionist as I am, this bugs me. Like, how could I ever continue to call it a Project 365 when there will clearly be more than 365 days for this project. But, I won’t quit. Rather, I’ll just continue it. Who knows why I missed taking a photo on those days. Maybe there will be something cool happening at the end of this journey that would be left not documented for my 365 if I succeed in photo a day, everyday.
 Straight out of camera image on the night before my departure for Istria. I was sleeping at my aunts flat as they were going with me the next day. Was sleeping in my little cousin’s room. Cutee.
 The morning we arrived at Dvori od Skrapi. This was taken in the white house and my favourite out of four. If you’ve read my post from yesterday, you know the system of naming the houses.
My feet in the town of Motovun, a place with narrow streets and cobbled stone. Yeah, now we will all have that song stuck in our heads.
In the bridal suite before I did her makeup. Yes, I was the makeup artist that day, at least for her. And a photographer, too. But, you already knew that.
 I literally woke up at 4AM to take a 365 photo. I kid you not. Crazy I am. Stop Yoda-ing.
Tired of my 365 hair photos? But, I really need a safety, joker card every once in a while.
And, the last but not the least. Me and my braided hair sporting this cool Star Wars t-shirt before hitting the sack. That is it. Good night and God bless!