I don’t know if there is a more hyped up Istrian town than Motovun. Yeah, it is pretty but, in my opinion, a tad bit too much hyped up. The most spectacular thing about the town is its location on top of a hill. I failed to take photos of that. And I couldn’t be more disappointed because I missed out on having the photo of the town from a great distance. Imagine that.
But, I did take a stroll around the old town and took some photos. The place was filled with tourists which annoyed me. Yes, I was a tourist as well but I have a blog to keep updated, with photos and all. So not very good of me. I know. ^^
 More ice cream photos is always simply a must. Especially when there is pistachio involved, my favourite flavour ever. Motovun is also well known for its annual film festival which I still haven’t visited so far.
The view from up there is just spectacular. Loving all the layers of distant hills and mountains that can be seen from the top of Motovun. God willing, I’ll visit the town once again and be totally prepared to memorize it with my camera properly. Muah! God bless.


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    September 24, 2012

    Predivne fotografije!