Ten months ago I met this super talented group of people for which I’m very grateful. But, you know how they say, all good things must come to an end. So is this crazy little adventure of ours called 7 on 7, for me. There were months when there was 7 of us, there were months when we didn’t really live up to the project’s name. Nevertheless, it was fun. I witnessed some gorgeous photography stuff, guys. Even though the number of participants slowly decreased, we still kept it cool ’till the end. At least for me. The end, that is. This is my last 7 on 7 post but, I definitely would want to re-start it some time in the future. And, I most definitely would want to stay in touch with the fellow photographers, right Anika?

Since this trip of mine to Istria resulted in numerous photos, I will post another batch of them for my 7 on 7 closure blog post. Also, I’m sure Amanda has something photo artsy to show us, too!

This is the most beautiful wardrobe I’ve seen in a long time and I want it. Really, really want it. I mean, wouldn’t you?
A very cool sewing machine in one of the houses that I think it is the cutest ever. Good job, Junker & Ruh.
That little dog above was the light of the party, during those 4 days. Love how she just sits pretty by the window. Also, what I like most about the houses are the variety of different chairs all around. Very photogenic, I must admit.
Yes, I visited Motovun but unfortunately not the film festival. Here’s the thing. Since it was still a tourist season, you couldn’t drive up to the top with the car so you had to park it at the bottom of the hill and buy a bus ticket. Basically, the buses fluctuate every 15 minutes, up and down. It says gratis on it but you still have to pay. Hehe.
Some more of the surroundings. Istria is all about stone walls and houses. It kinda is a mix of Mediterranean and Tuscany. The best of both.
So yeah, this is it. The end. I loved the project. I gotta be honest, there were times when I just wanted to take a break but then again, it was only once a month and last minute arrangements were better than no last minute at all. At the end, I just wanted to thank you, my 7 on 7 bunch, for a chance to be a part of it. God bless!


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    photography by anika alonzo

    October 7, 2012

    We are so staying in contact! I’m proud to call you my friend lady :) I’m gonna miss your installments, but maybe we come up with a new project some time :)

    And I love these! The light is just stunning and the dog? Man, I wanna smooch him!

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    October 8, 2012

    We will miss your 7 on 7 posts :)
    These are amazing!! The first one is my favourite <3

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    October 10, 2012

    Ines, opet si promijenila izgled bloga! (A ja (isto opet) promijenila adresu, hihihi). Čik pogodi tko sam. :)

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    little pink cakes

    October 10, 2012

    Wonderful pictures you took there!

    The picture with the little dog: at first I thought it was a plush toy :) Cute!

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    Alain Alexandre

    October 12, 2012

    Le chien blanc ressemble à idée fix très beau