My mom has a passion for roses and our front and backyard is filled with them even though I broke in Japanese maples and California poppies, here and there. Those are mine plants of choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love roses. But, some roses. My favorite are the pastel kinds. I really can’t tell you the names but I am almost positive some of them are English roses and the purple one is called Blue Moon (which has the most beautiful scent of all the world’s roses, in my opinion).


Since it’s already autumn, the end for roses will soon be inevitable. But, we had a really long and hot summer so there are still some new buds, here and there. The gloomy and rainy weather doesn’t do justice to our roses in bloom so I decided to arrange some of the most representative ones in a vase. There are other colors too but I wanted to go with the pastel ones as they are my favorite.

Some of the roses were already dead even though they looked nice, the Blue Moon ones. So I had a lot of fallen petals and was unable to include them into the arrangement. Or some of the buds broke. Not good.


I really love what the whole arrangement looks like in the end and the scent when you walk by is just heavenly. I think the colors work so great together. Put some green roses and you got yourself a wedding bouquet. I think.



Roses are often connected with Our Lady. When you notice the scent of roses, out of nowhere, that means Mother Mary is like, super near. Coolness. Yeah, I am totally dedicating this post to Her.

God bless guys, have a wonderful day, evening, morning … whatever time of the day it is in your world. Kisses.

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    October 10, 2012

    just wonderful ines!

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    October 10, 2012

    they are so beautiful! my mom loves roses, too! and she has bunch at our front yard.. but i’ve never seen the purple kinds before! it’s so amazing! i can’t help but want to find out exactly what kind of scent do they have.. :)

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    Ines Perkovic

    October 10, 2012

    Thank you, girls!

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    A Camera's Country View

    October 12, 2012

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love your style xx