365 – No title

I am so tired right now that I don’t know whether I’m gonna write something bellow each photo. I will sure try.


This was taken during my sunset shoot with a little help of my friend Ivana.  I was holding the camera up in the air and snapped the photo but she helped me to focus the bandanna while looking through the live view.
Me in the morning sun. The bokeh circle is right there on my left eye and it seems as if I’m wearing glasses. But, I don’t.


Does shadow count when you’re shooting self-portraits? I say they do. Taken in the forest the day I noticed the first symptoms of this cold I’ve been having.



My medicine during those days. Even though caramelized sugar and milk were a better choice. At least yummier. But this wasn’t bad either. Tastes very magnesium/lemon-ish. Dunno.


My old D80 baby with a D800 cap on. That’s all.


Notice the lack of my face. It because I looked sick. Literally.
I was in Zagreb today and brought home some Lush goodies. Yum. I am still sick but not as I was two days ago. Right now I just sound nasal and been sneezing and such.
Plus, the last one is my 50th photo in around 55 days or such. I know I’ve skipped a few but I am NOT gonna quit and start all over. No way. I will just do this in the best way I can.
Have a lovely night, guys, and God bless!