As I promised, this post will be more specific and informative about something. So, I was thinking of what to write about and decided to do a series of my favorite things in the year of 2012. This will range from beauty products to moments in life.

For started, I decided to kick off with one of my favorite beauty product of the past year. These are the ones that really changed my whole makeup look and somehow helped me to apply it resulting in such beautiful way. Apart from that, I have a couple of nailpolish favs and a perfume. 
Seriously guys, this is the best, THE BEST foundation I’ve ever owned. I am one of those people who have a yellow skin undertone and it seems that all the drug store foundations have this sort of a pinkish/grey tint to it. In all those years I was never fully satisfied with the foundation, until now. Okay, there was this foundation by Pupa but they discontinued it. Anyway, my friend Ivana introduced me with this baby and I always remembered how good it was, how it beautifully fit my skin tone. But, instead of going for it right away, I kept on buying other foundations that I was never pleased with. The thing with this foundation – it is catalogue sale mostly but there are stores in some cities. So, a few months ago I ran into a store and I was determined to buy it. The price was around $15. But, that is the thing – it lasts forever! Okay, I have the blessing of not having a lot of skin problems so I don’t apply much, just to even my skin tone and remove the redness. This Yves Rocher foundation is just creamy goodness that I simply adore! It has a sunflower oil ingredient so I wouldn’t recommend it to people with really oily skin. My skin is combination to oily. I must admit, I do get a bit oily during summertime with the foundation but I tend to fix it with a setting powder. But, during the wintertime – it is perfect! I guess my skin gets dry in the winter.
I’ve already blogged about the MAC’s Gold Deposit Mineralize Skin Finish when I bought it last year in November while I was visiting Berlin. Well, since we don’t have a MAC store in Croatia, one thing led to another and voila. If I had to choose one product to use for the rest of my life, Gold Deposit would be it! I can’t tell you how gorgeously it puts together my entire makeup. I apply it to my cheeks and sometimes just to my cheek bone. Since I got it, I almost never used a blush. Yes, I use Gold deposit as a blush but it just looks so amazing. Bronzy, warm and beautiful. It is made in a way, when you apply it, you don’t notice the actual product, it just gives your face some warmth and summer glow. It was a bit pricey (European MAC prices are crazy) but I think this one will last me a lifetime or at least for a really long time.
The last face product is this bronzer by Catrice Cosmetics. I mainly use it as a contour and sometimes as an actual bronzer. Now, I am going to be honest, this product is here because I’ve been using it a lot this year (you can tell I hit pan with it) but I do like it.. After I’m finish with it, I would like to try something else but not because I am not satisfied with it – it just a curiosity to try something new. 
Now, another MAC product. This is the infamous Rubenesque Paint Pot that split the beauty community. Some of them like it, some of them don’t. I am in between the two fires. The paint pot overall isn’t really pigmented and wearing it on your own wouldn’t resulted with a wow effect. The color in the jar is beautiful but once swatched it looks as a slight shimmer with the hint of the real tones, like the ones in the little jar. But, why I like it? It is amazing when using it as a base for a golden/peachy toned eye shadow. And primarily, that I how I use it. I’d apply Rubenesque as a base cream shadow and that I would apply MAC’s All That Glitters eye shadow (or any other golden eye shadow, for that matter). Result is a total wowser. I even used it when I did a bridal makeup a few months ago.
I always buy lipsticks but sometimes, I don’t have to courage to wear them. But, these two lipsticks are a must haves of mine. The first is by Essence and it is a lips coloured mate lipstick that just enhances the natural color of your lips. It is one of those your lips but better type of product that just makes everything naturally beautiful. And, it really does smell like sugar and cupcakes.
Guys, the second lipstick is such a statement! Ka-boom red-50’s statement! I love to wear it, you would be surprised haha. You know how playing safe is a personality thing of mine. But, I really do wear this. Especially with the black winged eyeliner + retro hairstyle that I’ve been in the process of perfecting it. It has a cold blue-ish undertone and makes your teeth whiter. The lipstick is by Max Factor.

This is one of the softest (but still dense) brushed I’ve ever owned. But, this eco friendly brand is known for quality and soft brushes. Like I said, it is soft and firm at the same time and you can be very precise with applying your blush colour. I even use it for applying my foundation. It is that versatile and it doesn’t shed, at all.

I’ve had my eye on this perfume for ages. But, it was always too expensive for purchasing. When I finally got around to buy it, I got it in the smallest size which lasted for more than a half a year. There is still some of it left as you can tell and I decided to save it for special occasions only.

Now, these two babies were the cheapest nail polish product ever. And because of the economic prices I don’t think they are the best quality ever but the colours are just amazing. Lately, I’ve been into this pastel tones and the colours on the photo are my favourite. A perfect tone of pastel. 
So, this is it guys! I think I managed to write an informative blog post that this little sanctuary of my has been lacking of. If you guys are interested in swatches of the products and how they look on me, just comment down bellow and I’ll be more than happy to write a blog post.
Who knows what I’m gonna write about next but, for today, is more than enough. God bless!
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