Hai, guys! Apparently, I update this blog once a month. And that should be changed. I’ve been rather busy lately, so to speak. Finally finished the first draft of my thesis and I really, really hope to finish university soon, too. I have so many plans but, things always take their own course, I guess. But, I never lose hope in God’s plan for me.  Now, the only thing I want is to finish grad-school and, hopefully, things will start from there, the new possibilities might be opened so I can finally step into something new in life.
In the past month, I kinda neglected photography, for a bit.  But, in the last couple of days I’ve been shooting around. Everything is in bloom, my cat has two kittens, warm weather. The beauty of simplicity in everyday things and surroundings was rediscovered. Thankful to God about it. I am rich.
Now, after the little update on what’s been happening, I gotta share with you a couple of photos of the little find I happened to bump into, yesterday. My friend Ivana and I were on a flea market (which was a part of a bigger country fair) and there I got this blast from the past Polaroid 600 camera for $8. Imagine that! So, so happy about it. I know pola film is kind of expensive but I would really like to start experimenting with it. Until I finally order it, it will act as a kickin’ home decor item.  I think it’s so cute, especially the rainbow old  school trademark. Despite the fact it has a few scratches, it seems to be in a good condition. I guess I will not now if that happens to be true until I order some film for it.
It feels good to be back, to blog. I’ve missed it. More new photos to come. Like I’ve said, I’ve been shooting a lot in the last few days. Hope it becomes a steady habit.
God bless, love ya!


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    May 6, 2013

    What a good find! I hope it works!

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    Nathália B.

    July 19, 2013

    I like and love a Polaroid <3 It’s a real love. But I don’t have YET.
    Your blog is interesting, with great topics.

    My blog is http://500cliques.blogspot.com.br/