I know, I know, I know, I know, … I haven’t blogged in almost two months. I don’t even know if I have an excuse. Oh, wait. I do. A very sloppy one. I thought i was gonna finish my university this June/July and do a huge update blog post about it and how finally a chapter of my life came to an end. But, a couple of days ago I found out that  will happen in September.  I finished my thesis 3 months ago and I really hoped I would defend it during that period of time. I guess I have to wait a bit more.  Man, I really hoped I’d go on my summer vacation as a professor.  So, that is an update on my academic life.
You want an update on my life overall? Nothing changed except the little things in life; I developed a great love for the new, limited edition Schweppes Coco Breeze drink, my birthday came and I am now 28, I have only a couple of centimeters of colored hair left and I will be all natural but refuse to cut it until summer is over, I started working out but still have to work better on what I eat, … In two weeks I’ll be going to the seaside and I hope to come back with some Mediterranean flavoured photos.
Photography? I take photos and I am keeping up with the 365 project. I’ll admit, I’ve skipped a few days but hey, I am on my 170th day! Not in a million years will I let the inner perfectionist in me to kick in and make me start all over! No.

I haven’t done that much stuff photography wise. It have been the same subjects over and over again even though I did take photos of my friend Amir but that will be a post for itself. But, for now, I’ll have a couple of kitten photos I shot today to keep you busy until I categorize all the other photos from the last months or so. I’ve missed this. God bless!




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    josé tonetto

    July 12, 2013

    your kittens are so cute! best wishes for you.

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    July 12, 2013

    a bit unrelated to your post…but seeing your pics of kittens reminded me of old school flickr and its option to “take me to the kittens”…heheh

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    July 14, 2013

    Good to read an update from you again! :) I’m looking forward to see your Mediterranean pictures!