Well hello, everyone! And happy New Year! Once, I did a whole post about my New Year resolutions which I pretty much failed epically. I am not going to do the same, this time. But, what I am going to do is to share with you some old photos made with my trusty D80 which was the center of my photography universe, back in the days. I was browsing through my archive and found some close to my heart photos taken from a plane on my way to England. Now, I don’t really remember whether I already shared the photos or not (and I don’t feel like searching the entire blog) so I’m just going to play dumb and post them anyway.

It’s kinda funny how 7 year old photos I took overpower everything I shot in the last month. I don’t need to tell you (again) that I’m suffering (AGAIN!) from a photographers block which eventually took drastic measures – going through my archive.
I went to England 7 years ago. 7 years ago I was 21. Time sure does fly. I remember feeling all cool with a brand new Nikon D80 and a kit lens (Nikkor 18-135mm DX) while flying over there. How I wish I knew then what I know now. Coming to England is not something happening to you everyday and I wish I could go back in time and give a few photo tips to myself. Firstly, I’d be to shoot in raw. Ines, always shoot in raw! Then, prior to my trip, I’d invest in a prime lens (which I did, almost half a year later). And last, shoot more! Yes, I have a couple of folders filled with my England photos but the majority seems to be multiple photos of the same scene. And this couple of photos are the biggest bunch that was actually usable (along with my Brighton photos). Let me remind you, I was in the UK for 10 days. That trip was my big lesson in photography which made me realize I should grab to any photo chance possible and to make a plan before the trip. In the next 7 years, I’ve been to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and loads of other beautiful places but that amateur trip to England will always be my biggest photo regret. Do you have any photo regrets? Hehe. God bless guys and happy New Year, once again!




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    Claudia Casal

    January 16, 2014

    Oh these are beautiful Ines! Really breathtaking! I have a few regrets as I’ve been to India with 4 girl friends for 12 days and at that time I loved photography but was really a rookie! I didn’t even have a DSLR, just a compact! Now imagine going to such country, which I believe I won’t be going to again and not have decent pictures… Now that is regretment! Happy new year to you as well ;)

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      Ines Perkovic

      January 17, 2014

      Oooh, I feel ya! You went to India, that is a whole another lever of regret. :D I think people don’t understand photographer’s mind in a way where everything IS a photo opportunity, we buy home decor stuff based on our taste in lifestyle photography, we go places and immediately hunt for decent shots :D But, in the end, the main reason for everything IS the experience and I’m sure you had a blast in India with you friend regardless of the camera as I did in England with mine. :))

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    January 18, 2014

    so beautiful, Ines! Happy New Year <3

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    January 29, 2014

    These look freakin amazing!!! :D

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    August 5, 2014

    Hi Ines! i am a big fan of your work from Paraguay and i just wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful and inspiring <3