Two weeks ago I got contacted by a lovely lady from the Printic headquaters offering me the chance to receive 8 prints of my choice through their smartphone app. I get contacted here and there by various companies to receive and review their work on my blog but, I don’t usually go for it because, I don’t know why, actually. But, when Printic contacted and offered me the prints, it really seemed like such a cool app. I love everything photography related so that might be the thing behind my excitement.
Basically, it is a smarphone (iPhone or Android) app where you register, select photos of your choice from your phone and order prints (as you can see, polaroid like), in a few easy steps. If you do experience difficulty while managing the order, I am sure their staff will help you. I did experience difficulty while using a coupon but that is because I have a very old version of Android and I think I might have installed an older Printic app. Like I said, their staff is great and solved my problem. As for the order, the photos were shipped on the 28th of January and I received them on Monday, February 3rd.
I must say, I didn’t expect the prints would be that high quality made. As you can see, they are squared polaroid like glossy prints. I think it was designed to be sent to friends as a memory of a good time you guys had, certain events and such. Yeah, I didn’t do that, kind went for the prints of my own work. You can tell I am photographer. Hehe.
You can also add a caption below the each photo with custom fonts, colors and sizes. As you can see, I didn’t do that since I wanted the all the way Polaroid style. I am going to give the last photo away to my friend since it is her and her dog in the photo. I really like that shot, so fun as it portrays the mischievous dog which never ever listens. Ok, almost never. Hehe. The other photos are some of my favs and such. I mean, it is hard to chose a certain amount because I’d like to have all my photos in print.
Oh, and all of the opinions here are of my own. Nobody ordered me or dictated what to write. I really am genuinely impressed with the quality of the prints. They just don’t feel cheap. So yeah, thumbs up! God bless. I promise to update my 365 soon but, I have an excuse for not doing that already. Muah! ^-^