You know how Marijana, Mirko and I get together from time to time (due to the fact we all live in different cities and countries), well, this time was no different. We met again, in Zagreb, last Thursday. The weather was unbearably hot and humid but, we still managed to walk around and just hang out.  All four of us (as Marijana’s boyfriend, Ivan, was with us) spent the majority of time just sitting down and chatting about photography and bicycles, typing without looking down at your keyboard and so on. We love random. It’s seems to always be that way; We chat more than we photograph – it’s because we don’t see each other too often. Even though we type back and forth all the time, it’s no comparison to a real, eye to eye, chat.

ines perkovic d800 mklasan twirl zagreb macbook apple

Ok, so you might notice there is no one else beside Marijana, in my photos. I guess we were just in the zone. And, her outfit was very Pinterest like. The photo above is of when Mirko challenged Marijana to type without looking at the keyboard. Kids.

ines perkovic d800 botanical garden zagreb japanese maple 2 ines perkovic d800 botanical garden zagreb japanese lemon

We met in Zagreb’s botanical garden, arriving one by one (as I said, Marijana + Ivan). We spent a couple of moments there (shooting) and then continued toward the town’s center. Let me tell you, if you live in the city, botanical gardens are a must during those mega humid and sunny days. Even more so than just regular parks as the trees are all over the place providing a nice hideout from the sun. I wish we photographed more, there. It might not be as colorful as it is during the Spring but the summer green is pretty, too.

ines perkovic d800 mklasan zagreb crosswalk ines perkovic d800 mklasan ona bag

Don’t you just love Marijana’s Ona bag? It is gorgeous and can hold a fair amount of geer – it is huge! This kind I wouldn’t recommend to a petite person as it is that big. On the other hand, Marijana is supermodel tall so, no aesthetical weirdness there.

ines perkovic d800 mklasan twirl zagreb mimara croatia ines perkovic d800 mklasan zagreb mimara

We made a stop in front of Mimara (a musem in Zagreb) and Marijana twirled (for the photo purposes, not just randomly, guys!). I almost thanked her for dressing the way she did. Haha. So photogenic, right?

Man, I just feel sad for not living closer to them. Some people could live door to door and still care less about each other. I would love to be able to hang out with them on a daily or, at least, weekly basis. Or even monthly! It is just not fair we have to wait so long to see each other. And, we all met online. Huh. Internet is a blessing, if you use it right and for the things that benefit you (random youtube videos not included as they are crucial for boredom).

We parted ways after a couple of hours of fun. The moment I left them, I began to suffer from a headache and nausea. Yep, my body has this weird habit to overheat when the weather is humid and hot. On my way home, I really tried to cope with the hard core road curves as almost each and every one was a challenge – to live through without vomiting. But, the memory of that faded the moment I got better and all was left with were good memories of that entire day. I love my friends! God bless.

ines perkovic d800 zagreb wooden fence ines perkovic d800 opel old car zagreb croatia street


  1. Reply

    M. Klasan

    July 20, 2014

    I must admit that that is the only spontaneous photo of me laughing that I don’t find half bad. :D

    Thank you for a good time, can’t wait for our next Kinfolk gathering :)

    • Ines


      July 20, 2014

      hee,hee..of course it is not “half bad” because you are gorgeous!
      see you in Karlovac :*