The new spring

Even though this was taken last Spring, I found it suiting for what I’m about to write. I have finally purchased my very own Photoshop CS6 licence (lifetime, not Creative Cloud). So what, you probably think. But, I’ve been waiting to make this step for 6 years as I didn’t want to use illegal copy. Basically, that’s not how I roll when it comes to the movies, editing programs and so on.  I’m so happy as I can finally do the editing my way.  For six years, I was seriously limited with what I could do, using programs I was never satisfied with. Except for when I used PS trials of each and every new edition. Imagine converting every .nef raw file to .dng just so you could edit it. Ah. Never, ever.

Now, I really feel motivated as I finally have all the predispositions for happy editing. I know that’s not the essence of photography rather good frames, light and subjects. But, being a digital shooter, processing kinda goes with the territory and Photoshop is something that gets me the furthest in my expression. I really tried all kinds of programs; Gimp, Ps Elements, DxO, Lightroom, that Nikon program I always forget the name of, Corel, … and none,  I honestly claim, none is a match for Photoshop. They are all good, don’t get me wrong but, for me, they would only get me so far. I know awesome photographers who would choose Lightroom over Photoshop anyday. They might not understand my PS appreciation. Hehe. In the end, it’s the final result that matters, just different weapons of choice.

ines perkovic a simple hello spring in zagreb croatia vsco film 1

Sometime ago, I blogged about being lost in this whole art; no inspiration, no motives, no photography. And, I really was in that place. I would catch myself using the iPhone more than my DSLR. Tragic, ain’t it? I mean, photography world tragic. Then, I started to think about where my life would be if I didn’t discover photography all those years ago. For the last 8 years, photography has really been God’s gift to me. If I didn’t say YES to it, I wouldn’t have met some of my dearest friends who I can’t imagine my life anymore without. Not just that. When I shoot, I’m genuinely happy. But, again, it’s never just that. Many opportunities evolved out of my passion for photography such as the contract with Getty Images providing a somewhat steady income every month. Nothing major but, it did save my student budget quite a few times. It also gave me the opportunity to serve God, in the parish life but, we don’t wanna boast about that, do we? Hehe.

I really feel enthusiastic for the future projects even though my main and the most important project is living a life and documenting it as I go. Thank you all for the super sportive comments on my last pity party post. I really loved all your thoughts and advice. Thank you, God bless.



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    February 15, 2015

    I am so happy for you! I know what it feels to wait that long for something you really want but for whatever reasons don’t let yourself to have it. Happy Photoshop era!

    P.S. I love your your work! I could honestly press like button on every single photo you have in your facebook page

    • Ines


      February 15, 2015

      Thank you so much!

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    February 25, 2015

    Completely understand what you mean with Photoshop. Though, a few years back, I learned how to properly use Lightroom and I love it! It’s fast and gives me the results I want. But I still think Photoshop is *the* weapon of choice for editing.

    And I do feel a bit uninspired as well. Only been using my iPhone. It’s the usual bad excuse, lack of time. I need to turn that back around somehow. Every time I look at your 365 photos I want to try it myself, once more… Let’s see! :)