Battles for Sisak A.D. 1593.

Every year, in my town, a medieval festival is held. More than 400 years ago, there wasn’t a major European town that hadn’t heard of Sisak, because of the famous 1593. battle against the Ottomans. Actually, the date was 22nd of June. (Yep, my birthday!) Now, the fame level of my town is quite the opposite but, nevertheless, we still honor the battle with such festivals that take us back in time. The event is held at/beside the Old Fortress, the symbol of the 1593. battle. You can witness the re-creation of the battle, medieval tents (which are ever so cool), stroll around the fortress, etc. Beside that, we went on a free boat tour, cruising up and down the river Kupa. Bellow, you can see a glimpse of this huge miniaturist model of the battle, inside the fortress.


When we got there, we stumbled upon the presentation on the medieval (and latter) weaponry and the art of fencing. It really was cool, especially when the photo bellow happened. As you can see, medieval tents were everywhere, providing a pretty awesome vibe. Being a history buff myself, I was in history heaven.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-weapon-presentation ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2-tents-people ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-battle-fortress-tentines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-battle-fortress-military-campines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2-tents

The re-creation of the battle was the main event. We didn’t see the entire battle through but, the part we did see, was nevertheless amazing. The stunts on the left were the Ottomans and on the right, a christian army. Of course, the real battle 4 centuries ago was the real deal and nearly 10 000 people died.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-5ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-4 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-3 ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-medieval-festival-recreation-of-sisak-battle-2

And, the last but not the least, a couple of photos from the river Kupa tour. You can see the Old Bridge and the last photo is of an already mentioned fortress where the whole today’s event took place. Hope you enjoyed it. God bless.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-old-bridge ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-cruise ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-sisak-river-kupa-cruise-fortress-stari-grad


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    James Bui

    July 18, 2015

    Ines, thank you for sharing the photos and the history of Croatia. I love history. Your country is very beautiful.