Zagreb Before Dark

Unnaturally warm afternoon in Zagreb and all we did was circling around St. Mark’s square waiting for all the lights to turn on and sky to darken. I lived in this city for a couple of years and whenever I return, it’s always giving me the same, good vibes. My feet always seem to take me to the same places that I remember from my days in the uni. There’s this viewpoint at the Upper Town where I would observe the city from. Zagreb at night really is something else, when all the lights turn on. Our capital might not have epic (or any) skyscrapers but I think it looks gorgeous at night nevertheless.

As you can tell, a lot of this photos are basically variations of the same area which proves we really were circling around the same area. Zagreb’s Upper Town is full of historic buildings such as our parliament building, museums and churches. St. Mark’s church (the one with the kickin’ roof) is always the most interesting to tourists.

If you have visited Zagreb in the last few days, you would notice the plethora of Christmas decorations all throughout the centre. And it’s the end of the January. I think it has something to do with the European Handball Championship being held in Croatia. Honestly, it was unusually interesting to see all the Christmas lights still up so late but I wasn’t complaining. At all.  All I know is that I can’t wait to move back to Zagreb. Hopefully, soon.  And, now I miss my uni days. It’s funny how visiting familiar places can instantly make you remember the feels you had so many years ago. God bless.



  1. Reply


    January 28, 2018

    Wishing you all the best. (Beauty and Pleasure) Amen!

    • Ines


      January 29, 2018

      Thank you very much :)