Brace Yourself, it’s Snowing in Croatia

If you live in the continental Croatia, you probably think it’s our birth right to have a major snowfall at least once per winter. This season, December and January were such let downs with spring like weather and no reasons to complain. Croatians like to complain. Especially when there’s too much snow (or none at all).

Living in a pretty flat area where there’s no dynamic landscape, snow makes everything look better. Boring fields and outskirts become this infinite white background. It kinda works when you’re milking the area you know you have already documented a thousand times.

So, in the words of doctor Okun, the last 24 hours have been pretty exciting. Until Monday, social media sites will be overflowed with idyllic winter scenes soon to be forgotten. Because, when the weekend is over, all this snow will yet again became just another nausiance. Except for me, at least. I embrace every season for what it is. Even when I had a normal job and had to work on those Mondays as well, I rarely complained.

I will leave you here with a couple of Forda photos. This was her first snow. She loves to lay in it. My sweet, cute and weird girl. Haha. God bless and try to enjoy snow more!