Yet again, I was a tourist in my own country. I rarely get the chance to visit our northern coast. For some reason, I always seem to end up in Dalmatia. Anyway, yesterday I took a day trip to Opatija, a touristy coastal town situated on the istrian peninsula. It’s a town where croatian tourism we all know today begun. First hotel ever opened there. Not to mention its riviera was visited by the Habsburg imperial family.

Although I’m more in favor of the dalmatian ruggedness but there is something about the elegance and overall polished feel that really makes you understand why the Habsburgs loved Opatija so much. It’s classy with lots of elegant and historic looking hotels. However, being someone who always looks for something else, I basically spent the day shooting old fisherman boats and hidden bays. It’s what I like.

It was actually  supposed to be a trip organized for romantic couples but that didn’t stop my friend and me from going. I mean, who would say no to a day spent by the sea, especially for us living so far inland? Didn’t think so. Before I was born, my parents went there as a couple. I guess romance skipped a generation in my family. I mean … The important thing is – we had fun. Although the weather turned gloomy pretty fast, that didn’t stop us from walking around and experiencing Opatija in our own, quirky way. God bless.

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    February 20, 2018

    Nice pictures. Never heard about it before.

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