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Cozy Sunday

Finally, winter came to my part of the world. We have had quite a strange warm weather all throughout the autumn. With the colder temperatures, along came my zeal to decorate room in the more festive spirit. I don’t think I did a lot but, all you need are the Christmas lights, anyway.

I usually never decorate my room that early. I mean, it is still November. But, I kinda was in the mood and really don’t have to explain…

Battles for Sisak A.D. 1593.

Every year, in my town, a medieval festival is held. More than 400 years ago, there wasn’t a major European town that hadn’t heard of Sisak, because of the famous 1593. battle against the Ottomans. Actually, the date was 22nd of June. (Yep, my birthday!) Now, the fame level of my town is quite the opposite but, nevertheless, we still honor the battle with such festivals that take us back in time. The event is held at/beside the Old Fortress,…