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In the absence of real photos, lately, I decided to (once again) share a few of my favorite instaphotos. My Instagram account can be found here. The only downside to the smartphone I use is the inability to install the VSCO Cam app to it. That is why I have to get by with different photo apps that are just not my cup of tea. But, it’s the next best thing. In reality, it is probably not.

My Instagram account…


Considering I use a 2007. Samsung flip phone, how do I really instagram, you ask? Hehe. I’ve been smartphone-surfing (something like couch surfing) for years now. Apple kids, Android kids. Are there any other kids? Hehe.
We live in the era of smartphones and I sometimes feel left out. But, I made my choice. It was either a D800 or iPhone + lens or two. The choice was pretty obvious. When I get myself a legit job, I’ll invest. Until then,…

Instagram wannabe

For real, guys. I have an Instagram account but don’t have a phone that supports the application. I’ve still been rocking my Samsung SGH E-570 flip phone for more than 5 years now. It was a Valentine edition one, in pink. No, I didn’t have a Valentine date. Just bought the phone. Haha. Oh, brother. It still works even though it does show some signs of its beaten up history. I dropped it a few times so scratches and…