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Around 10 months ago I bumped into this tweet saying DxO Labs are giving away a free Film Pack 3 software. I must admit, up to that tweet I never knew they existed. I downloaded the software because who turns down free stuff, really?
At first, I wasn’t really impressed with the film effects. And it remained that way for a few months. But then, as time passed, I got used to it and actually learned how to use it….

I mean, how DO you process your photos – Retro Warm

Even though I am a color pop processing supporter, an occasional experiment with the creamy overlay is something that can make your photo look dreamy, nostalgic and cute. I actually came up with this GIMP processing minutes ago and decided to name it Retro Warm. It looks awesome on the photo that already has a boost up contrast and light. I can’t give you a specific contrast tutorial since it really depends on the light and exposure of your…

I mean, how DO you process your photos? #2

I came up with this soft, more on a cool side gimp processing that I really like so I thought I would share. This is just a simple way to cool down your photo a bit. I named the processing Waves because it kinda reminds me of the salty sea and underwater, kinda. So yeah. Again, this might need a bit of tweaking on your part. This is just for this image and its exposure values/light. Oh, and the…

I mean, how DO you process your photos? #1

If I could get a $ for every time someone asked me this question, I’d be super rich with a Nikon D3X in my hands. But, unfortunately I don’t get a $ everytime someone asks me that question. Anywho, lately I’ve been processing in GIMP, mostly just focusing on light and contrast. This isn’t some big revelation tutorial but I think it works okay for adding a bit of contrast. It is literally a basic tutorial. You have to…