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Casual Thursday in Zagreb with a 35mm

Last week I met up with my close friend Mirko Janković (link) over a cup of coffee. But, with us photographers, it’s never just coffee but a photowalk, as well. Little did I know he decided to lend me (for a couple of weeks) one of his Canon cameras with a 35mm lens attached to it. Since I only own a 50mm to fit my D800, exploring and shooting with a 35mm was amazing.

I just love a 35mm lens….


Landshut is a bavarian town 30 minute train ride away from Munich. Like I said, in one of my past Instagram posts, it’s a picturesque Disney town. Beautiful town centre is straight out of an animated movie. Last week, I spent a few days there.

The town is perfect for laid back vacation; has everything you could possibly need and yet, there’s no hustle and bustle to overly interrupt your slow paced stroll around the town. It has multiple little bridges…