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Casual Thursday in Zagreb with a 35mm

Last week I met up with my close friend Mirko Janković (link) over a cup of coffee. But, with us photographers, it’s never just coffee but a photowalk, as well. Little did I know he decided to lend me (for a couple of weeks) one of his Canon cameras with a 35mm lens attached to it. Since I only own a 50mm to fit my D800, exploring and shooting with a 35mm was amazing.

I just love a 35mm lens….

Natural habitat

Whenever Marijana and I get together, it’s always a girl day experience filled with laughter, makeup (buying lots of it) and photography. A few days  ago, we met again in Zagreb after a whole year of separation. That is the toll of living in two different countries but, it’s nice knowing we always find a way to meet up.
First, we hit Cogito Coffee shop to catch up on life over a good brew. If you’re ever in Zagreb, Cogito…


Landshut is a bavarian town 30 minute train ride away from Munich. Like I said, in one of my past Instagram posts, it’s a picturesque Disney town. Beautiful town centre is straight out of an animated movie. Last week, I spent a few days there.

The town is perfect for laid back vacation; has everything you could possibly need and yet, there’s no hustle and bustle to overly interrupt your slow paced stroll around the town. It has multiple little bridges…


Happy New Year guys! Hope the beginning of this brand new 2015. has been pretty neat for you so far. Mine was amazing, especially because it sort of ended with spending time with my friends I get to see not very often, Marijana and Mirko. We often call it Flickr Mixr but,  in reality, it’s so much more than that as they are my good friends, regardless of the photography.  As usual, we met in Zagreb.

Zagreb, these days,…


Yes, the title is inspired by Isengard has been unleashed but, let me assure you, our little meetup was the polar opposite from everything Isengard stands for. Now that I completely confused everyone who hasn’t read/watched The Lord of The Rings, I will start to make sense again. But, in a way, we were turning Zagreb upside down. Mirko, Marijana and I.

The amount of joy seeing these two is always beyond.  Even an hour prior to the rendezvous point,…


You know how Marijana, Mirko and I get together from time to time (due to the fact we all live in different cities and countries), well, this time was no different. We met again, in Zagreb, last Thursday. The weather was unbearably hot and humid but, we still managed to walk around and just hang out.  All four of us (as Marijana’s boyfriend, Ivan, was with us) spent the majority of time just sitting down and chatting about photography…