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Venice II

Venice is so small you only need a day to explore, one might say. As a photographer and a history buff, I’m gonna have to disagree completely. I think this might be my most rushed visit ever. Being there from 9 to 5 didn’t really allow me to become one with the city. At least not in the way I wanted it. You absolutely need to stay there overnight. There is so much I wish I had visited.

What I like most…


Venice in February, time of the famous Carnival of Venice. Now, I’m not interested in masquerade balls and carnivals so, in my mind, my trip to Venice was to experience the romantic and historic vibe of it only. It was my second time being there. The first time was more than a 10 years ago. Actually, the photos of Venice were the first photos I’ve ever shared on Flickr. I’ve deleted it since then.
No one can dispute the importance of this…

Mountain Highway | Pastels & Mist

First of all, I’m wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Even though the official holiday was a few days ago, Christmas time extends until Epiphany. I agree with G.K. Chesterton – we should talk about Christmas after Christmas, too. Not just November and December. Anyway, I’m getting off course, here.
I’m continuing with the Mountain Highway series. Considering I did take gazillion photos during that bus ride, it would be illogical of me not to publish them. Honestly, this could be my…

Mountain Highway | Wintertime Hills of Austria

Hello! Long time, no see. After dropping the going photography full time bomb, I disappeared from the blog. It wasn’t my intention, at all. Even though I haven’t made any significant progress job wise, I’ve been going to workshops about self-employment. I thought, I could put it into good use, when the job kicks off. So, that’s where I am right now.
Apart from pursuing my new career, I travelled a bit. I spent almost a week in Germany and just…


Landshut is a bavarian town 30 minute train ride away from Munich. Like I said, in one of my past Instagram posts, it’s a picturesque Disney town. Beautiful town centre is straight out of an animated movie. Last week, I spent a few days there.

The town is perfect for laid back vacation; has everything you could possibly need and yet, there’s no hustle and bustle to overly interrupt your slow paced stroll around the town. It has multiple little bridges…

Mountain Highway

Mountains, mountains, all about the mountains. I don’t know what triggered my astonishment with this particular Mother Nature’s feature, all I know is that I wanna document each and every rocky elevation on my way. The Alps are the closest hard core mountain range to where I live but, I never seem to travel as close to them to actually witness its majestic glory.
Last week I travelled to Germany for a quick vacation and the route led straight through the…