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When I was a second shooter

I think this is the longest break from blogging ever recorded on my site. So, where have I been? To tell you the truth, life and work got in the way. Whenever I set my goal to writing a new blog post, I got distracted by whatever reason. I think today is the day to break the silence. I haven’t been photographing much but, I do have some photos for you.
Last September, I worked as a second shooter on…

Istria Wedding

As you know, the main reason why I went to Istria last weekend was to shoot a wedding. I am not gonna yap yap about it for too long. Let the photos speak for themselves. Again, I restrained from posting some photos, rather the ones more artsy and such. But, I am posting some photos showing random Italian tourists taking a group photo with the newlyweds after they were invited to do so by a highly entertaining wedding guest….


Last weekend I had the utmost privilege to shoot the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Anita. Because of the fact that I love her so much, I was way more nervous that ever, when shooting a wedding. I wanted the photos to be a success. I really hope I didn’t let them down. Now, I didn’t want to post private photos such as the ceremony at the church and stuff rather some glimpses of the atmosphere and…