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Southern Dalmatia | Mljet & Hodilje

It’s been a while since I visited the very southern parts of my country. I already blogged about our Afternoon in Dubrovnik so I will try to keep it out of the way, this time.  Actually, it was my first time visiting any of the big croatian islands. In this case Mljet. To be honest, in two days that were there, we didn’t see much. It was a time thing and we had a 9 hour bus ride back…

Afternoon in Dubrovnik

Once again, I was a tourist in my own country. Although this was my third visit to Dubrovnik, the town never seizes to amaze me. It’s still as gorgeous as ever, despite all the visitors. I went there with my friend Kyle, as one of the stops on our four day trip to southern Dalmatia. We didn’t get to see all of it, but enough to experience the afternoon vibe of the city.

Our initial plan was to walk the…


Yet again, I was a tourist in my own country. I rarely get the chance to visit our northern coast. For some reason, I always seem to end up in Dalmatia. Anyway, yesterday I took a day trip to Opatija, a touristy coastal town situated on the istrian peninsula. It’s a town where croatian tourism we all know today begun. First hotel ever opened there. Not to mention its riviera was visited by the Habsburg imperial family.

Although I’m more…

Casual Thursday in Zagreb with a 35mm

Last week I met up with my close friend Mirko Janković (link) over a cup of coffee. But, with us photographers, it’s never just coffee but a photowalk, as well. Little did I know he decided to lend me (for a couple of weeks) one of his Canon cameras with a 35mm lens attached to it. Since I only own a 50mm to fit my D800, exploring and shooting with a 35mm was amazing.

I just love a 35mm lens….

Along the Coast

This summer, I visited Karlobag and Rogoznica, for the second time in my life. Both with my family and friends.  I don’t know what happened this year, I just wasn’t in the zone when it comes to photography. I only shot so much. But, in a couple of days time, I’ll be in Vienna, with my friend Marijana. I guess when there are two photographers roaming around for days, having loads of photos is a must. Right? Until then,…

The view

Last Friday, we went on a weekend long road trip to Karlobag, a coastal town at the foot of mount Velebit. But, to get there, we had to jump over the Velebit, first. The last stop we did, prior to our arrival, was the famous Kubus. It’s a stone monument in honor of one of the historic trade routes over the mountain, made under the Habsburg rule. Of course, we have new, modern roads now. Well, see for yourself, the view was breathtaking as…