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Zagreb Before Dark

Unnaturally warm afternoon in Zagreb and all we did was circling around St. Mark’s square waiting for all the lights to turn on and sky to darken. I lived in this city for a couple of years and whenever I return, it’s always giving me the same, good vibes. My feet always seem to take me to the same places that I remember from my days in the uni. There’s this viewpoint at the Upper Town where I would…

Casual Thursday in Zagreb with a 35mm

Last week I met up with my close friend Mirko Janković (link) over a cup of coffee. But, with us photographers, it’s never just coffee but a photowalk, as well. Little did I know he decided to lend me (for a couple of weeks) one of his Canon cameras with a 35mm lens attached to it. Since I only own a 50mm to fit my D800, exploring and shooting with a 35mm was amazing.

I just love a 35mm lens….