Yes, I’ve seen tourist attractions and yes, I was high above the ground in the Riesenrad but, when it all comes down to it, these moments are the ones I will remember the most. Maybe because, in the end, I am that kind of a photographer, in my heart. The last two days we were just chilling basically and in no frantic mode of seeing landmarks. Besides Jonas Reindl, Marijana took me to Cafe Francais and complimented me with a favorite dish of hers, a club sandwich. It was so good that I even ate the tomatoes in it. And if you know me, I wholeheartedly dislike fresh tomatoes.

I really like the vibe of this cafe/restaurant. Again, a perfect mix of rustic and modern elements. Also, I really like this coffee art trend that’s been around for years now. Nowdays, there is not a cafe that doesn’t do these which I like. I think it gives a lot of charm even though coffee is still a coffee.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-girl-coffee-eyes-cup-foam-stir ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-karls-kirche-2ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-club-sandwich-food-plate-fries ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-girl-coffee-eyes-cup ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-girl-window ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-girl-lips-makeup-window-pretty-beautiful ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-girl-evian-water ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-bokeh-detail ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-black-and-white-design-modern-lunch-restaurant ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-bag-on-chair-ONA-camera-bag ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-bag-on-chair ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-cafe-francais-peopleines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-vienna-wall-green-wall-plant-windows ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-vienna-street-lamp-architecture

My trip to Vienna wasn’t just a touristy trip rather spending time with my friend, also. In the evenings, we weren’t going out but watched movies. Since Mean Girls is kind of a thing of ours, we watched again it together.

You can’t sit with us!

The night before we watched The Help which is an awesome movie, as well. But, Mean Girls is sort of a classic as, for example, Clueless was in the ’90. Each generation has one, I guess. When not watching movies or fiddling our with makeup, I’d take photos of Marijana’s gorgeous room. You might have seen in it in her photos, already. That window of hers is beautiful, the light and everything. I hope she doesn’t mind me taking photos, there. Hehe.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-june-calendar-minimalism ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-morning-coffee-book-the-great-gatsby-penguin ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-morning-bed-light-curtains ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-light-white-window-curtain-simple-minimalism ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-light-white-window-curtain-simple-minimalism-bed

On Friday morning, we went home, back to Croatia. Along the way, I witnessed gorgeous austrian hills covered with hazy clouds which are my favorite thing to shoot. Nothing compares to the rainy mountains and hills, nothing. We made only one rest stop and arrived in Zagreb a lot sooner than we thought. As soon as we arrived I noticed hot and sunny weather which I, honestly, don’t like. It made me miss Vienna even more, all the rainy weather we left behind. I am that weird, I know.

So, this is my last Vienna post and wanted to end the series with the most dearest of photos. I like them all but, like I said, it’s the moments. Also, thank you, Marijana, for being the best possible hostess and making me remember these couple of days forever. God bless.

ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-highway-rest-stop-cafe-pastry-morning ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-hills-landscape-green-morning-fog-misty-moody-dark ines-perkovic-a-simple-hello-austria-hills-landscape-green-morning-fog-misty-moody-dark-3

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    August 29, 2015

    beautiful photos, Ines! always enjoying your vision :)

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      August 29, 2015

      Thanks, Sonya! I feel humbled when it comes from you :)

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    August 29, 2015

    Oh how I love your photostyle! Thanks for inspiring me, Ines :)

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      August 29, 2015

      Thank you so much! You are so sweet :))

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    Adriana Maria

    August 31, 2015

    Hi Ines, it’s me again, from Brazil (=

    I’m almost finishing my task of reading all your post. Now i don’t just love your photos but they inspire me too. In particularly i like you 365 day project in 2013. You said in one of those post that you thought you’re always shooting the same thing. I don’t agree. I think you always look at the same thing in way a little bit different than the first time you did. I do understand that you, as an artist, have always to improve yourself but also remember that all you followers in Flickr prove my point =)

    Just love to know that you like to read a lot too. I’m a bookholic. I graduated in Literature + Translantion English/Portuguese. We also have the nail polish in common but you said that you paid 3 euros in one. Outch! Here in Brazil i paid 0,49 euros (i just do the conversion, hope its right) so because of that a have 83 nail polish. Have you hear about brand like Impala, Risque and Colorama? Those are the one i use.

    Someday i can send you a book and some nail polish =)

    You said you got you first camera in 2007 or so. Did you do a photography course? A year ago i bought my camera, a Cannon t3 and now i’m doing a photography course online because photography as a hobby is very expensive. A lot of people said that a basic course will teach me things i can learn at internet. I shoot almost at home because i’m afraid to be stolen =/ I live in SP. You can see my instagram ~drirish~ so that you can put a face on my talking =)

    Oh, Boy, i write a lot. If i write something that you don’t understand or i said in a wrong way, please, forgive me, i’m still learning…

    That’s all for now!

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      September 2, 2015


      thanks for sharing your story, it’s quite interesting :) And for the nailpolish info, hehe!
      When it comes to photography, I have never taken any lessons or went to a photography class. I am completely self taught. I always say, Google is your friend. You can find everything on the Internet or from fellow photographers. However, If I could change it, I would have looked into the technical side of photography more or had someone explain it to me. But, everything else is a matter of trial and error.
      Indeed, photography is expensive, especially if you want to step up your game by quality lenses and camera bodies. It takes time. It took me 7 years to buy the expensive camera. If you’re really passionate about it and it’s something you want to do in life, the opportunities will come to you, eventually.

      Have a nice day and God bless!

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    RatkO Kaucic

    September 2, 2015

    ..veoma profinjeno, odlične fotke. Veoma inspirativno bilo ih je gledati! Bravo.

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      September 2, 2015

      Hvala puno ^^

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    December 26, 2015

    It’s a one of beautiful galleries that I had never seen,I love it so much.
    Keep trying your best and I always support you.

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      December 27, 2015

      Thank you so much :)