If you’re Catholic, Vatican is your Mothership. If you have an appreciation for history, fine art and monumental buildings, Vatican is your Mothership. If I was to see only one place in Rome, it would be St. Peter’s square. The fact we were in Rome for two days and still managed to visit Vatican twice, says a lot. It’s like another world and everything I hoped it would be. I wanted to see the Pope. We missed him by couple of hours when he went to greet people in the square. I decided to save the best for last as visiting Vatican and St. Peter’s basilica was the best part of my trip.



As you can see, it was still Christmas time and the square had a festive theme going on. When we first got there, it was full of tourists and you couldn’t really roam around and take photos without tourist in the foreground. Later on, they closed the square as Pope Francis was serving a Mass in the basilica. That was my chance to document the square and the basilica the way I wanted, without anyone being in the way.






One thing I liked the most (apart from the basilica’s indoor) is the St. Peter’s cupola. It is so majestic and just out of this world beautiful. The goal was to climb to the top from where you have a 36o° view of the entire city of Rome. Imagine the view and the photos, beautiful. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time for the climb even though we were there twice in two days. Next time, I’ll be climbing like a boss because I simply gotta see it. They say the stairs are so steep and narrow and no matter how much in shape you are, it’s hard. Prior to the trip, I watched some You Tube videos where people filmed the entire climb. Looks scary hard. Haha. But, no pain no “beautiful photos from the top of the word”.




And now, the most beautiful place in the world. From the moment I stepped in, I knew my camera won’t do it justice. I immediately knew there was no point in taking pictures as they wouldn’t be able to portray anything as it is. The height and size of the columns and the overall enormous space. While we were there, the Mass was being held and I can’t describe you the chills I got from the sacral music and the fact that I was there, where St. Peter (the Rock) was crucified and buried. There I prayed in front of the graves of many popes, St. John Paul II was one of them. The moments I spent there were so precious and I will never forget them. I literally felt I was at the safest place in the world. I am so thankful to Jesus for giving me the opportunity to be there. God bless and thank you for reading!








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    January 19, 2016

    Wow, Ines!! These photos are simply breathtaking!!! I’m also a catholic and dream of visiting Rome and Vatican one day. ^_^ Seeing your photos already gave me the chills, can’t even imagine when I go there :)

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      January 19, 2016

      Thank you, Andrea. You should definitely visit!

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    Adriana Maria

    February 9, 2016

    Helloi Ines,

    First of all, I want to wish a wonderful 2016!
    I hope you can make most of your dreams came true this year.
    I’m very confidente about this year, don’t you?!

    I’m already happy because you have posted more here on the blog and in the other beauty blog – i’m also follow you there.

    I’m writing for you as I watch the last Carnival blocks ( i don’t know how they say it in english – you can put escola de samba or bloco de carnaval bahia on google and see what i’m talking about”) perform at Bahia, here in Brazil . We usually joke about Carnival, we said that for Brazilians the year only starts after Carnival. Because of this event we have five days without work.
    Despite being a typical party in my country I particularly think that Brazil has much more to offer = )
    Do you have a tradition in your country you don’t like?

    Oh, what can i say about you trip to Italy, just love it. Italy is at the top of my list of countries that i want to go next year. I listen a lot of Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini and Zero Assoluto, have you ever listen to them? Or have you ever came across to a write call Frederico Moccia? He writes beautiful things about Italy, it’s like an young adult novel but is a good one. Since i was 16 years old i dream of spending my honeymoon in Venice, those canals =) Italian is the second foreign language I want to learn.

    By the way, you could share some of you favorite band/singer, the movies you’ve seen and liked, the literature books you recently read. Anything like that you want to share.

    You know, i’m having problems to label my photos in order to archive them. How you do it? Do you archieve by year, then by month or you put by subject? Do you save a copy of your photos in two different places?
    Do you print most of your photos? I like to. I did a photowall in the hallway between my room and my mom’s. My mother used to laugh at me and say I’ll be mad when she sees me riding scenarios for photos.

    Sometimes I get a little anxious when I’m learning technical photography . Each concept takes a lot for me to assimilate. Here in Brazil it is cheaper to buy a camera but if you intend to take a good course of photography you can easily pay three times the camera value .
    My friend showed some pictures we did in an exhibition that we went to a photographer with 13 years of career, boyfriend of her cousin, he doesn’t like any of the pictures I took . After that, I even stopped a little to post my photos. I thought I was going the right way…have you ever had this discouragement?

    do you like analogue photography? do you have some photos taken with an analogue camera? I would love to see!

    I discovered last week a gallery here in Sao Paulo who sells antique cameras and I really want to go there to buy one and explore this world as well.

    I think is time to go

    have a nice week =)

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    James Bui

    June 28, 2016

    I am also Catholic. I would like to visit there someday. Wonderful pictures you had taken, making me want to fly over there now.

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      June 29, 2016

      You would love it, I promise. Especially the St. Peter’s basilica as it’s astonishing in so many ways; spiritually, historically and artistically.