Venice in February, time of the famous Carnival of Venice. Now, I’m not interested in masquerade balls and carnivals so, in my mind, my trip to Venice was to experience the romantic and historic vibe of it only. It was my second time being there. The first time was more than a 10 years ago. Actually, the photos of Venice were the first photos I’ve ever shared on Flickr. I’ve deleted it since then.

No one can dispute the importance of this lagoon town. It’s as intriguing now as it was 500 years ago. Then, a powerful state. Now, one of the most famous cultural centres of Italy. In my opinion, its historic exterior is well preserved. If it weren’t for the upscale fashion brand shops, tourists and basically anything modern, the town could easily be mistaken for a 16th century one.

However, the beauty of the town was slightly overshadowed by its tourists. I know I was one of them but, never in my 30 years of traveling have I witnessed a larger touristy crowd (click to see). At one point, we got cramped up in an alley, there were people wanting to go in different directions and no one wanted to let the other pass through. I must admit, I ended up with a panic attack. Imagine being stuck in a crowd and not being able to control anything or get out if it. The people were arguing and shouting. Thank God I managed to pull through that mob. Later, I heard the police had to intervene and come up with a one way system. For the pedestrians! Imagine that.

When you look at my photos, you might think there weren’t many tourists at all. Don’t be fooled, I am a photographer and was purposely searching for desolate corners. Hehe. Even though there were some unpleasant experiences, my trip to Venice ended up me wanting to return. Although, I would go in my own arrangement this time and stick to walking around early in the morning. The light is prettier anyway. God bless.

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    February 27, 2017

    I went there once in October and had the same experience: so crowded! And it wasn’t even high season… crazy.
    Anyway lovely pictures, as always :D Venice sure is gorgeous, just such a shame of all the tourists.

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      February 27, 2017

      I think photographers should be considered as people on the job, rather than tourists :D

      Thank you!