Venice is so small you only need a day to explore, one might say. As a photographer and a history buff, I’m gonna have to disagree completely. I think this might be my most rushed visit ever. Being there from 9 to 5 didn’t really allow me to become one with the city. At least not in the way I wanted it. You absolutely need to stay there overnight. There is so much I wish I had visited.

What I like most about Venice is how narrow everything is. Narrow streets and canals with two or three story high buildings. Trust me, that kind of setup will provide plenty of chiaroscuro moments. The way the light breaks in between buildings upon canals is beautiful. That is why you simply have to stay over night! You have to witness the morning and evening light upon those canals and alleyways.

Like I said, there is not enough time for you to see everything in a day. By the time you’ve seen half of it, you just wanna sit down. That’s what we did. The last three hours of out trip, we were constantly chilling by the sea and looking for a cheap coffee shop. Yes, we could move on and see more stuff but our feet wouldn’t let us. There is so much stuff you have to keep in mind, when in Venice. Your movement is slowed down by the crowd and it is annoying. In the end, I just wanted to go home and forget about the things I still haven’t seen. For example, the classic Ponte ‘dell Accademia and its famous viewpoint. Prior to the trip, that bridge was all I could think of. In the end, I haven’t visited it at all.

In the end, it was an experience and I managed to pull off good enough photos to share them with you. Not perfect, though. Even though I liked Venice, the experience didn’t tip me over the edge of excitement. Like I said, nothing to do with the Venice itself. I hope I’ll get back and do it my way. God bless!

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