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Sag mir, wo du stehst!

… such a typical DDR (or GDR, if you wanna be English)  rock song to go mad in the discotheque. Not. Hehe. So, yeah. I got home from Berlin last Sunday, actually, it was Monday already since it was somewhere around 2.30 AM. A 15 hour bus drive there and then 15 hours back. Beeutiful! But, I’m not complaining since it was above everything AWESOME!
The city alone, frankly, didn’t impress me that much. If I didn’t go with the…

My summer summary

Bonsoir blog world. Missed me? I sure did miss you! A few days ago I got home from the shore where I spent my (almost completely internet-less) vacation. I kinda still am on one. At least until my exams in September begin. The whole vacation was pretty laid back. Didn’t go out much, played Monopoly and UNO with little cousins, haven’t studied … but did spend some time with my very good friend who haven’t seen for a year….

More love from the Praha city – Part 3

A couple of extra photos from Prague. Just some random still life photos of our hostel/s’ backyard where we hanged out. I love how the backyard is on couple of levels and each of it has a table and chairs/benches. And of course a glimpse of the kitchen and computer room with four world time clocks. I chose Tokyo time, because, you know, Japan ♥

I was a tourist in Prague – Part 2

A compilation of my touristy photos from Prague. We walked a lot and walked everywhere. The full gear start in the first days of our stay in Prague gradually decreased to the point of not wanting to do anymore of the sightseeing, at least some of us. I think 6 days in Prague is more than enough. I know people usually go there over the long weekends.

So, I was in Prague – part 1

I promised to put up a post about my trip to Prague, a week later. What a slow blogger I am. For the most part of the last Saturday (May 21st) I was nervous, not about the trip but the 10 min drive to the train station, only that is a whole another romance story that deserves to have a post of its own. So, I’ll just skip it, for now.
Anywho, our trip kicked off Saturday 9PM. We were…