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The Southern Alps

So, I returned to scene of the crime. It appears that, recently, everytime I step outside of Croatia, I end up on the  motorway connecting Slovenia and Austria. Is that God giving me subtle hints or what? However, fate or no fate, we all know I milk the mountain scenery like nobody’s business. This time, it was no different. I said to my friend I only have spring left and my Mountain Highway series will reach a full circle.


Mountain Highway | Pastels & Mist

First of all, I’m wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Even though the official holiday was a few days ago, Christmas time extends until Epiphany. I agree with G.K. Chesterton – we should talk about Christmas after Christmas, too. Not just November and December. Anyway, I’m getting off course, here.
I’m continuing with the Mountain Highway series. Considering I did take gazillion photos during that bus ride, it would be illogical of me not to publish them. Honestly, this could be my…

Mountain Highway | Wintertime Hills of Austria

Hello! Long time, no see. After dropping the going photography full time bomb, I disappeared from the blog. It wasn’t my intention, at all. Even though I haven’t made any significant progress job wise, I’ve been going to workshops about self-employment. I thought, I could put it into good use, when the job kicks off. So, that’s where I am right now.
Apart from pursuing my new career, I travelled a bit. I spent almost a week in Germany and just…

My favorite moments from Vienna

Yes, I’ve seen tourist attractions and yes, I was high above the ground in the Riesenrad but, when it all comes down to it, these moments are the ones I will remember the most. Maybe because, in the end, I am that kind of a photographer, in my heart. The last two days we were just chilling basically and in no frantic mode of seeing landmarks. Besides Jonas Reindl, Marijana took me to Cafe Francais and complimented me with a…

Vienna | The Schönbrunn Castle

If you know me, you know am I history buff and Vienna is such a historic city. Partially because of the Habsburgs who were one of the most powerful dynasties since the medieval times. My country, Croatia, was under their rule from 16th to 20th century. Castle Schönbrunn was their summer residence. Now, the Habsburgs no longer rule but their castle rules nonetheless. I’ve been to the site many times and every single time the place is packed with tourists. You just can’t get…

Vienna | The Prater

I’ve been to Vienna a few times in my life but only for a one day trip (until now). Whenever we would drive by the Prater (it’s an old school amusement park in Vienna), I always wanted to go and hop on the Riesenrad, to observe the city from above. Now, as I’m older, I have a love/hate relationship with heights and to stand in line, actually buy the ticket and get on the Riesenrad was an impulse decision….