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Wintery winter about to come

A blog post after almost 3 months? Really, Ines? Now, to follow the same a-blog-post-after-awhile pattern, I will start with excuses. Yes, I have been very busy with exams BUT NOW THEY ARE OVER FOREVER AND EVER! I only have my thesis to (start) writing and finishing it in a decent time period. Hopefully!
Winter ahead, I don’t even bother by the fact it is still autumn. But, it is cold and misty outside and it really smells of snow…

Some green stuff

Some tasteful green stuff! A couple of years ago I got big on Irish Coffee Cappuccino (without the alcohol, though) and it has been one of my favorites ever since. I know, some time in my life, I was a heavy Irish Coffee Cappuccino drinker. I admit. Now, I don’t drink it as much (as much as I wanted to) but I’ll blame it on the cheap regular coffee or I usually have what my friends are having. Right.